Try AllClear For Turnarounds

Account for your personnel in real-time for site turnarounds, shutdowns, or construction projects.

How AllClear works

This rugged device maintains a continuous connection with the host via wireless or wired connectivity. You can have the status of people onsite in seconds. Visual indicators provide clear feedback and understanding of system status. With its bright LED and enunciator response, badge holders know if the badge reader is offline. AllClear for Turnarounds is also available for daily rentals.

How you benefit from AllClear

Implementing AllClear onsite reduces the opportunity for human error and incorrect data, especially if you still rely on manual sign-in and sign-out. It provides accurate, real-time, and durable information on any personnel in operating units under maintenance.

AllClear emergency assembly station

Designed to stand and operate as a fixed assembly station, it maximizes throughput by eliminating the need for a trained operator to scan badges with a handheld device. All stations are IP addressable for system administrators and indicate their status to incident commanders via AllClear’s browser-based user interface. 

AllClear Emergency Assembly Station

Freestanding Single AllClear Emergency Assembly Station

AllClear Emergency Assembly Station

Weight:  30-45lbs (18-52 kg) – Subject to Configuration
Dimensions Deployed:

36x36x48in (91x91x122cm), Stored: 16x18x48in (10x20x122cm)

Supply 120VAC @ 1A

Network:  Multiple wired and wireless options are available based upon site requirements. 
ID Technology:  All major card technologies supported, including TWIC
Standards Compliance:   FCC EMI, CE (Export only)
Operating Temperature:  -20 to +60°C
Environment:  Relative Humidity: 0% to 90% non condensing

Protection Rating:

Enclosures are NEMA rated 4, 4X, 12, 13

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