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inFRONT to Exhibit at AFPM Occupational and Process Safety Conference and Exhibition

April 16, 2019

For the third year in a row, inFRONT is proud to participate in the AFPM Occupational and Process Safety Conference and Exhibition April 24-25 in Dallas, TX. Visit us in Booth 105 to discuss how you can transform your emergency response and personnel accountability processes, and the latest version of AllClear. AllClear is the only Emergency Response platform built specifically for high hazard facilities.

inFRONT to Exhibit at NSC Southern Conference and Expo

April 8, 2019

inFRONT is proud to support the Industry at the National Safety Council Southern Conference and Expo on April 11 and 12 in New Orleans. Visit us in Booth 461 to discuss personnel mustering, accountability, and the latest version of AllClear. AllClear is the only Emergency Response platform built specifically for high hazard facilities.

inFRONT Equips Control Rooms and ERTs with Vital Data

Published on Facility Safety Management | May 23, 2016

After extensive research into the production unit sign-in process in the petrochemical industry, inFRONT introduces AllClear Unit Accountability to give users instant awareness of who’s exposed. Read the original article.

inFRONT Improves Emergency Response in Petrochemical Sector

Published on The Washington Times | Feb 8, 2016

The company inFRONT will use its AllClear Emergency Assembly Solution system to modernize the emergency response process of a multinational oil and gas company and a liquefied natural gas company. Read the original release.

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How To Get To 15 Minutes

Emergency Response requires Continuous Improvement. Here’s how to apply it to mustering Our professional lives at inFRONT are spent in conversation with refineries and chemical plants about the importance of continuous improvement in Emergency Response. In the…

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Data Will Empower Emergency Responders in 2019

Over the holidays, I took some time to reflect on the past 12 months at inFRONT, and it gave me time to recall many of the lessons learned from our work in refining and petrochemicals. Each learning came from the experiences we or our customers had in striving to…

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Greetings From #HoustonStrong

6 Lessons the Astros Teach Us About Emergency Response Excellence “It’s about using all the information – quality information – that you can get your hands on and making decisions with that quality information that helps you gain an edge…” Jeff Luhnow ​There is a…

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5 Ways to Keep TWIC from Becoming a 4-Letter Word

TWIC compliance will affect plant operations. Keep these principles in mind as you select your compliance strategy.​For the last several months, it’s been almost impossible to visit a refinery or chemical plant without discussing the topic of the TWIC Final Rule….

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Thank you, Erno.

When my organization starts a new day, we look forward to opportunities to interact with customers. That may be counter-intuitive because the conventional wisdom is that customers only call when they need something, usually information or a fix. The subtext of this is…

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How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

Hidden value of mustering drills and the importance of practice.​”Good teams perform better in games than they do in practice, but great teams practice great.” That’s a quote an early mentor said to me while explaining how we would approach Safety. It’s stayed with me…

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Mike Tyson is Correct

How building muscle memory will help you win during a petrochemical emergency. ​How’s Your Plan?The former prizefighter turned stand-up performer is generating quotable quips that are sprinkled throughout the Internet. One of his most popular quotes, believe it or…

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AllClear RTW Dateline: Cologne

Sometimes air travel feels miraculous. You can board a flight in a country with a very distinct culture and then, in just a few hours, disembark in a country that is completely different. I think this feeling is most surprising to Americans because our country is…

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