Make Practice Perfect

(if you have the data)

World class emergency response requires frequent practice to hone skills, analyze the exercise, identify gaps, and design improvements. The challenge to post-event analysis lies in the lack of real data after an exercise or incident. To solve this, we built AllClear to provide a rich set of data after every event so that improvement plans are based on real information, not hearsay or theory. We did it because you asked us to!

Understand and Improve

AllClear keeps all of the mustering activity that took place before and during the event. This data is useful to identify improvement opportunities as well as, thanks to storing data prior to the event, reconstructing the course of events that led to the incident.

Record your Readiness

As a companion to AllClear’s ERT On Site Roster, which keeps a live tally of response resources on site, the system also keeps a historical record of your roster so that you can easily look back at your coverage. This saves hours of digging for data to feed management reports.

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