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Emergency response questions

Personnel mustering questions

Will my IT team be able to work with this software?

Yes. We designed AllClear with the needs of corporate IT organizations in mind. That means using up to date, industry-standard technologies and well-conceived information security design.

Can I use AllClear for short term projects like turnarounds, shutdowns, and construction?

Yes. We have a product offering designed specifically for projects.

Will my people need to carry another badge?

No. You will carry your existing badge.

Is it easy to train my team to use AllClear?

Yes. AllClear is easy to use and every AllClear project includes thorough user training.

What are the business cases for AllClear?

Business cases for AllClear include

  • Time on tools.
  • OSHA compliance.
  • Productivity gains due to faster, smarter accountability or mustering drills.
  • Automating emergency response readiness processes, like ERT roster.

What happens for AllClear users as technology continues to advance?

Emerging technologies represent exciting opportunities for emergency response. Since AllClear is key to saving lives, we take the evaluation of technology very seriously and only add mature and reliable features that are for use in our industry. Emerging solutions, like Real-Time Location and other GPS enabled technology, are already effective in other industries (transportation, healthcare, etc) and will eventually be more viable in our industry. inFRONT is already positioned to integrate these technologies into AllClear and make our users even more ready. However, true to our guiding principles, inFRONT will wait until these solutions are fully proven before deploying in a production environment.