Instant awareness of unit population

Knowing where your people are is the most important piece of information you can have in an emergency.

AllClear provides actionable data


Paper sign in logs are unreliable


No actionable data

Paper logs can harbor viruses and germs
  • Paper and pens are havens for virus and germ transfer
 Handwriting is often illegible
  • ​Data is unusable
Staff forget to sign out
  • ​Data is inaccurate
The list is hard to understand
  • ​Data is confusing
Unqualified personnel enter the unit
  • ​People are at risk
The list can be inaccessible in an emergency
  • ​Data is perishable
​It takes time to sign in and out​
  • Process is costly



AllClear unit accountability


Agile & informed emergency response

Touchless sign in and sign out
  • Eliminate the contact surfaces of pen and paper sign in sheets to reduce the spread of viruses and germs
Instant awareness of personnel in production areas by all stakeholders 
  • Replace paper sign in sheets with AllClear technology to give operators, response, and incident command real time awareness of who is at risk
  • Enforce safe behavior for unit sign in and sign out
  • Limit scope of incident to the unit, preserving site-wide productivity
Instant awareness of unqualified personnel in the units
  • Flag and highlight cases of missing or expired training credentials
Escalation to full site wide accountability
  • Enable flexibility to move from unit level accounting to site wide accounting when required
  • Acquire Actionable Data for site wide accounting in 15 minutes or less



    Be certain that your unit is staffed with qualified people

    Training is a cornerstone of safe and reliable production. In spite of this, the safeguards that exist to verify that personnel in the units are properly trained are almost always manual and paper based.

    Most sites lack the ability to verify that a person entering the unit is qualified in real time. AllClear Unit Accountability alerts users immediately when someone badges into the unit without the required training.

    Reduce the risk of accidents and injury by implementing AllClear’s Unit Training Assurance, a component of AllClear Unit Accountability.

    A platform that scales

    You have the flexibility to limit the scope to specific units in order to preserve site-wide productivity. AllClear also gives you the ability to scale up from unit-level accountability to full-site accountability when needed.

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