Personnel Mustering That Works

AllClear provides the insight you need to make fast, high quality decisions during drills and incidents. When each event is over, AllClear also provides insight to help improve your process.

Frequent practice is critical to building the “muscle memory” necessary to be ready for an emergency. However, most high-hazard facilities run only a few mustering exercises per year because:

A drill takes people out of business and slows production.

The current mustering process provides no usable information after the drill, thus limiting its value.

The site doesn’t know how to tie financial value to the process of emergency preparedness.

By implementing the AllClear platform, you are able to:

Run shorter and more frequent drills
Limit the scope of drills and incident response to the affected areas
Use information from the drills and incidents to continually improve your process

Make more product by saving time on emergency response drills and incidents

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