Employee Mustering That Works

Get the insight you need to make fast, high-quality decisions during drills and incidents.

In an emergency, first responders and incident command need the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

AllClear puts actionable data in the hands of emergency responders fast enough to keep your people safe during emergencies.

Ensure real-time safety for personnel in industrial environments and remote locations

✓  Account for all personnel during drills and actual incidents—including visitors and contractors.
✓  Isolate response to drills and incidents. If the event occurs in a specific unit, AllClear can focus on the affected area.
✓  Escalate the event response as necessary.
✓  Have the exact count of actual site population and progress of emergency mustering events in real-time—without the need for a roll-call.
  Quickly understand the easy-to-use user interface.
✓  Allow multiple response teams to view the event as it unfolds on various devices (PC, tablet, phone, etc.).
✓  Collect forensic records of all events to create continuous improvement.
✓  Notify badge holders they are accounted for with clear visual and auditory feedback.

Frequent practice is critical to building the “muscle memory” necessary to be ready for an emergency. However, most high-hazard facilities run only a few mustering exercises per year because:

A drill takes people out of business and slows production.

The current mustering process provides no usable information after the drill, thus limiting its value.

The site doesn’t know how to tie financial value to the process of emergency preparedness.

By implementing the AllClear platform, you are able to:

Run shorter and more frequent drills

Limit the scope of drills and incident response to the affected areas

Account for all your personnel rapidly during an incident

Choose the Right Deployment Option for Your Site

From fixed installations at networked locations to remote assembly areas with minimal infrastructure, different situations require different deployment strategies. We have solutions for you.

For Multiple Scenarios

Full site evacuation events require different behaviors and reporting than shelter-in-place events. The same is true for an event isolated in a specific unit. AllClear allows for the appropriate response and reporting for all emergency scenarios. AllClear also provides the tools to practice (drill) the most likely or critical potential scenarios.

For Projects

Turnarounds and construction have traditionally been a significant vulnerability for emergency response teams. The transient workforce and temporary nature of the worksite make improvements a real challenge. Project Managers are measured by how well emergency response integrates into the project.

With AllClear, you’ll know how many personnel are in the project area, how to account for them in an emergency, and how to move them in and out more accurately and efficiently than ever.

Learn how your site can make more product by saving time on emergency response drills and incidents today.

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