Emergency readiness as a service

As you and your team continue to improve the emergency readiness in your organization, inFRONT is committed to providing the tools and technology for the journey. AllClear is built from your feedback, and we’ve heard from you that you also need flexibility to source AllClear in a way that fits your financial metrics.

In response, we are pleased to announce our latest contribution toward Readiness:

Emergency Readiness as a Service (ERaaS).

The ERaaS model

  • Reduces upfront costs.
  • Enables Digital Transformation at your own pace.
  • Complies with data privacy regulations.
  • Provides AllClear capabilities specific to your needs.
  • Fits into operating budgets.
  • Makes it easy to share across multiple cost centers.
  • Includes all new AllClear features and versions.
  • Flexible platform accommodates new and developing technologies.
  • Eliminates annual maintenance costs.

The traditional pricing model

We recognize that many organizations manage projects and capital with a more traditional approach. The operational philosophy of budgeting a project, capitalizing the solution, and accounting for it in this manner is crucial to some companies’ success in financial planning. AllClear continues to be available in this traditional pricing model:

  • Allows for quarterly, annual, or semi-annual budget review and funds allocation.
  • Does not impact operating budgets.
  • Enables full ownership of the AllClear platform.
  • Continues to allow for flexibility should the system need expansion.
  • Annual maintenance ensures 24/7/365 support and “evergreen” version updates for AllClear.

Want to explore which model is best for you?

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