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Our core goal is always the same—making worksites safer. AllClear meets the specific needs of a select group of high-hazard industries.


Our downstream clients use AllClear to empower their emergency response teams with up-to-the-minute data, from entire sites, to turnaround and construction projects, to specific production units.

Chemicals, Fertilizers, and Plastics

At chemical plants, awareness of the status of your people must be up to date and reliable, whether they are employees, contractors, or visitors.


Processing, treatment, transport, and storage present their own unique safety challenges, but the AllClear platform offers solutions for midstream facility safety.

Pulp & Paper

Whether fire, chemical, or machine-related, pulp and paper mills have their own safety challenges. AllClear is equipped to tackle them with the process and technology to back it up.

Power Generation

Whether your plant is Coal Fired, Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil powered, AllClear provides the knowledge and information to be prepared for emergencies and account for everyone quickly and accurately when they occur. AllClear’s flexibility also allows for temporary or mobile options at your plant.

The best in the business trust AllClear

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