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Christopher Laibe

Christopher Laibe

Founder & President

Hello, and thanks for visiting inFRONT. We are a company full of dedicated puzzle solvers, energized by our mission to make a dangerous industry safer. If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for a solution to an Emergency Response issue—and you came to the right place.

The roots of this company spring from a nearly century old family history of experience in the petrochemical and refining business. I grew up with a father and grandfather who both worked through the heady days of scientific innovation and rapid expansion. I witnessed their commitment to send colleagues home safely at the end of each workday, and put those lessons to use when I went to work for DuPont.

After 12 years onsite, it was time to strike out on my own in 2002 to start inFRONT. I wanted to build tools for companies to keep their employees safe, and I knew that the key to our success was a deep understanding of the markets we serve.

That’s why the design of everything we’ve built comes from the input of people just like you. Our versatile emergency readiness platform, AllClear, was built by our marketplace, for our marketplace. It provides live, accurate insights to let you know how ready you are, how well you are responding to incidents, and how you can improve. We also designed it to work with technology you already have. That means integration is seamless and configuration is tailored to your location.

So, thanks again. I hope our website serves as a catalyst for a deeper conversation about our shared goal of creating a safer workplace for everyone.

About inFRONT

We have served the safety, security, and workforce management marketplaces for more than 30 years. Throughout our history, we’ve cultivated a strong competency in integrating physical access and security solutions with core business applications that perform time and attendance, emergency assembly, ERP, and human resources functions.

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