Empower the digital transformation of your emergency response.

Built For You, By You

We built AllClear knowing what emergency response teams need to complete their mission.

How did we know? You told us

Better Decisions Faster

AllClear delivers up-to-the-minute data in a way that makes it easy for you to make decisions and save lives. We call that Actionable Data.

See Everyone Everywhere

During an incident, AllClear makes it easy to account for all of your employees and contractors. In the process, it rapidly identifies personnel who remain at risk.

Continuous Improvement

AllClear’s post-incident analytics help you find the gaps in your process and identify priorities for improvement.

How will you use AllClear?

Run and Maintain

AllClear provides the real-time data and access to information needed to continuously improve your emergency readiness, mustering and accountability for a single unit or an entire facility.

Turnarounds, Shutdowns, & Construction

AllClear can reduce assembly and sign in/sign out times by up to 90% in a turnaround, giving you time back when you need it most.

AllClear is trusted by the top refiners, petrochemical, midstream,
and power generation companies in the world.

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