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I have an access control system. Why do I need a separate mustering solution?

An access control system is designed to manage the security of the site, such as entry and exit, surveillance, and credential management. AllClear, on the other hand, is the right tool for managing mustering and accountability so you don’t end up with gaps in your process. On top of that, AllClear is built to work in tandem with your access control system, so there’s no regret cost or “rip and replace.”

Will my people need to carry another badge?

No. AllClear is built to eliminate duplication of effort and expense.

Do I need to keep track of two different employee lists?

No. AllClear aggregates all of the important information you need to support decision making and presents it in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Is it easy to train my team to use AllClear?

Yes. First, AllClear is easy to use and every AllClear project includes thorough user training.

What if I don't need to account for my entire site?

AllClear comes with the ability to follow the evolution of an event. That means it can start an event in a small area like a production unit and escalate to the full site if necessary.

Will my IT team be able to work with this software?

Yes. We designed AllClear with the needs of corporate IT organizations in mind. That means using up to date, industry standard technologies and well-conceived information security design.

Can I use AllClear for short term projects like turnarounds, shutdowns, and construction?

Yes. We have a product offering designed specifically for projects.

Is there a business case for AllClear?

Yes. There are multiple opportunities for financial benefit. We have tools to help you calculate the savings that AllClear can achieve for your business.

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